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We want to tell you where the money is going and hear from you

Every week we are giving multiple grants

What an adventure! The Southend Emergency Fund has been active for just over 4 weeks of non-stop activity. Here’s what’s been achieved so far…

It has been a dark time for the most vulnerable in Southend but support is now reaching the lives of hundreds of local people in need during this crisis. Thank you for supporting us.

We have been so blessed to partner with many local individuals, organisations, businesses and charities to make a difference. Thank you for jumping into the journey with us. None of this would be possible without the unity of vision and spirit shown by so many in this difficult time.

We are receiving a steady stream of applications with scope to fund more. Thank you for giving generously, so this is possible. We have already delivered support through 18 local charities and organisations. We will be sharing these good news stories of people helped and crisis averted.

Now is the perfect time to join.
If you would like to help us extend our reach as far as possible then please let us know if you would like to contribute to the fund or you can give today.

The first grants targeted the following areas: 

Poverty & Hunger

The pandemic has forced families across Southend into poverty, incomes have evaporated and jobs disappeared. People are facing hunger and poverty because of COVID-19.

So your donations have helped Southend people though our partnership with local organisations including: The Storehouse, Milton Hall Primary School, One Love Soup Kitchen, Isaiah Project, The Hub and White Heather House.

Key Workers Health at Risk

The shortage of PPE in Southend is a story that does not need retelling. Our local emergency workers, carers and support staff are at risk on the front line.

So your donations have funded the local manufacture and supply of PPE. We have helped scale the 3D printer farm operating from Chalkwell Hall Junior Schools and funded PPE equipment for key workers supporting the blind in our town through Southend In Sight.  

Deteriorating Mental Health

Lockdown has imprisoned some of the most vulnerable people, cutting them off from families and support networks. While we are all grappling with isolation, it is the marginalised who cannot afford communication and digital access who are at high risk, and left unable to access the support they need. 

So your donations have funded local mental health charities including TrustLinks and Mencap, Welcome Southend, HARP, Aspirations and St Vincent de Paul., to ensure these individuals can stay connected and cope during lockdown.

Victims of Rape, Domestic Abuse and the Vulnerable

We know this is a difficult time for everyone but particularly for adults and children trapped with abusers; victims of rape, and the professionals working hard to support them. Domestic abuse caseloads have soared because of COVID-19.

So your donations have funded grants for such as SOS Domestic Abuse, reaching people in real need.

Please tell us your comments 

The short and longer term impact on the most marginalised in Southend will be great. Please, let us know of the needs you think we should focus resources on as we continue to identify the most pressing needs.

You can do this on our facebook page or comment on this article below. 

Now is the perfect time to join in

If you would like to help us extend our reach as far as possible. Please do let us know if you would like to invest into the Fund and you can donate today.

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