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The People of Southend’s Lockdown Video

Here’s one more video from our ‘People of Southend’ series!
Thanks for all the videos you submitted

You can still make an alternative version, upload it to facebook and tag Southend Emergency Fund.

In a time where we’re forced apart,
We can be ONE Southend.

This is our moment to band together
and help those who need us.

We’re local people,
getting behind Southend Emergency Fund,
Our town’s fund-raiser,
working with local charities to help those in need.

We’re making it easy,
for you to do your bit.

We have already collected £32,000
But we need your help to raise even more.

You can donate money on the website today
or give a tenner by texting SOS10 to 70191 to give £10

Because even though we’re locked inWe can still reach out.
Thank you.

Don’t forget, put your phone in landscape position.

You’ll be helping Southend charities reach the people that need it most in our town.

Get filming today! 🙂

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