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Emergency survival packs help SEND families during lockdown.

During lockdown, special educational needs and disabled families (SEND) had it tough in Southend.

They were struggling before COVID-19 and are suffering now. These families often receive little support and fall between the cracks.

And SEND child can suffer from anxiety and this is only heightened by the lockdown which has placed increased strain on their families.

Realising the need, Southend Emergency Fund stepped in to provide Emergency Survival COVID Packs to help these families.

Thank you so much for the continuing support. We are busy working hard supplying our COVID sensory packs. Again they are being received well and have been a godsend for these families experiencing huge issues with their disabled children during COVID. What a wonderful feeling!️

Maggie from SEND Parents said”

The packs included items to help the SEND child regulate their emotions better, also things like toiletries food vouchers, bespoke items for worst affected children, and other responses tailored to the level of need and the circumstances. For example, coloured sensory lighting, weighted sleeping blankets to regulate to anxiety,

Thank you so very much for delivering my pack today. In the rain as well! It was a wonderful surprise and even had a few treats for me. It will all be used and help to keep my ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) non-verbal 3 year old entertained and motivated. It means a lot. Thank you again.

A grateful parent said

Please keep giving so others get the support they need.

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