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Southend children at risk – Milton Hall Primary School comes to the rescue

An urgent grant from Southend Emergency Fund has helped Milton Hall Primary School support children who were running out of food.

It does not get much more urgent than Milton Hall Primary School’s wish to support 20 vulnerable pupil’s families who don’t have enough food during the lockdown.

Southend Emergency Fund rapidly responded to the school’s appeal for help with an emergency grant, providing needed food parcels and vouchers to twenty families in May, and the same number will be support again in June. Now families will have the food they need.

The Fund is providing fast and effective support to local people in vulnerable circumstances, working through a network of local charities and groups.

Thanks to the school and family for granting use of the photograph.

Can you help so other local children don’t go hungry during the crisis.

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Milton Hall School giving food to a family

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