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You might be getting back to normal but others in Southend are suffering.

Vulnerable local families were crushed in the darkest days of the lockdown and their plight continues. They cannot pay rent and bills or put food on the table for their children.

Southend Emergency Fund is releasing the pressures and improving their wellbeing by giving money through a network of local charities.

4 real life stories

A has been unable to work since lockdown. He is not entitled to benefits. His landlord keeps calling, asking for the rent. He was very anxious that he would lose his accommodation and be thrown out on the streets. He is very grateful for the help received from The Fund.

B and her three children arrived to the UK last February. She was escaping abuse but she does not yet hold legal status in the UK. She is living with her three children in a room in a friend’s house. She owns nothing, and she is very worry about her current situation. The Fund is helping her to buy food.

C has been unable to work since lockdown began. He has applied for benefit support but the application is still in process. He can’t afford electricity, gas and water. The Fund has helped him get through this difficult time.

D suffers from anxiety and her partner has been unable to work since the lockdown began, they have applied for Universal Credit but the application is still in process. They have not been able to pay their bills. The Fund has helped them through this time which also provides the security so she can cope mentally.

Please help us to continue supporting by donating or give £10 by texting SOS10 to 70191

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