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Sarnie Army funded by Southend Emergency Fund

Shoeburyness Salvation Army had already provided 150 people with food and practical help when Southend Emergency Fund stepped in to help.

The Fund is sponsoring the launch of ‘Sarnie Army’, a pop-up community cafe to help those most in need in Shoeburyness and on the Kursaal estate.

The funding will help train volunteers and pay for fresh food and equipment, all to help launch the outdoor pop-up sessions known as ‘Sarnie Army’.

“This is a great example of local people organising to provide support during the pandemic. All made possible thanks to the generous donations of people in Southend. Please DONATE NOW so more people get the support they need.”

Peter Dominey of Southend Emergency Fund and Shared Space

One of the open air pop-ups will be based outside the Centre Place Community Centre on the Kursaal, to support food parcel distribution and to give mental health support to isolated single residents who have had a tough time during lockdown.

“We are very grateful to the Southend Emergency Fund for providing a grant to enable us to help more people in our area struggling as a result of COVID-19. The additional money from this fund will help us support even more people.

The Salvation Army has seen an unprecedented number of individuals and families coming forward for help since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. We have provided food parcels as well as offered practical support such as help with paying utility bills.”

Captain Clare Davis of Shoebuyness Salvation Army

Sarnie Army aims to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, enable independence and reduce calls on emergency services by supporting people with mental health needs, who may otherwise rely upon emergency services.

Please donate now so The Fund can support more grass-roots local projects like this.

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Sarnie Army

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