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Dragons’ Den for Southend Charities

Southend Emergency Fund is providing the needed cash for Southend Dragon’s Den.

This creative way to get funding to smaller local charities is being organised by Southend Association of Voluntary Services and will be a first for Southend.

Up to 10 local charities will each receive £300 of funding which is being paid for by Southend Emergency Fund and ROSCA Trust.

The applicants will get expert help in refining their pitch so they can also go after funding from other sources.

Each charity will give a 5 minute pitch to the dragons from Southend Emergency Fund, Rosca Trust and Southend Council.

“When there is so much need as a result of coronavirus, this is a superb opportunity for local charities to get support for their vital work. Well done to SAVS for such a creative initiative that Southend Emergency Fund can help fund.

Peter Dominey, Trustee of Shared Space

To help more local charities, please donate to the Fund.

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