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Look what you did for One Love Soup Kitchen!

A grant from Southend Emergency Fund is supporting homeless people in Southend during the COVID-19 outbreak by helping One Love Soup Kitchen.

Zoey Smith a founder of the local charity, One Love Soup Kitchen told the Fund,
“During the COVID-19 we have been providing and delivering hot meals, night-packs, toiletries, clothing and essentials to over 100 rough sleepers placed in emergency accommodation by Southend Borough Council (to self-isolate) but they have no cooking facilities.”

One Love Soup Kitchen serves vulnerable people in emergency accommodation in Southend during the lockdown. They provide meals, clothing and essential items to support people placed in emergency accommodation in 11 hostels and guest houses during the lockdown.  Since the arrival of COVID-19 the demand for their services has been even higher than usual.

Zoey explained how the funding from Southend Emergency Fund is making a real difference,
“The feedback from our vulnerable guests has been overwhelming.  Many have said they don’t know how they would have got by without the support of One Love. We couldn’t have done it without the wonderful donation from Southend Emergency Fund.” 

After Zoey approached Southend Emergency Fund for help, the Fund made one of its first grants to One Love, helping to fund 145 meals, 3 times a week for a month.  Part of the money was also used to buy essential clothing items and toiletries.

Alan Kirkman one of the Fund’s founders said,
“We were delighted to make one of our first grants to One Love. It’s the people of Southend that made the grant possible.  We would love to help One Love again soon and hope more local people will make that possible by supporting the Fund

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One Love delivering supplies

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